1.To develop, implement and sustain specific projects, activities, programs and services etc. necessary to duly implement the basic ideals and objectives of Anjuman. To continue, strengthen and broaden the ongoing welfare and social-service programmes and activities of the Anjuman including;
 Etimkhanas (Orphanages/ Homes for both boys and girls);
 Schools, Educational institutions general and Technical Institutes;
 Dafon Sheba and free burial of unclaimed dead-bodies of Muslims;
 Emergency relief services;
 Ambulance services;
 Assistance to the poor & destitute;
 Free medical services;
 Burial of dead-bodies of affluent Muslims for a fee.
 Development of human capital among the poorest of the poor.
2.The Managing Committee is fully competent to take up any humanitarian projects, programs or services etc. consistent with the basic ideals and principles of Anjuman subject to availability of resources and budget.
3. Membership of Anjuman
One can become a member of Anjuman, only if invited by Anjuman. A muslim citizen of Bangladesh willing and able to serve Anjuman as a volunteer may be invited by a member of Anjuman. If approved by the Managing Committee the invited person can be inducted as a member of Anjuman, on payment of membership fee of Tk. 50,000/- and acceptance of given terms & conditions and signing of prescribed forms.
4. Humanitarian Services of Anjuman
Humanitarian Services of Anjuman are provided free of cost to the beneficiary. Protecting and developing human capital among the poorest of the poor through:
a. Providing free shelter, food and clothing to the young (6 to 16years of age) & running homes for destitute children.
b. Giving education and survival skills. Trade courses. Vocational Training. Diploma level education.
c. Free primary medical services.
d. Relief in natural calamities.
e. Free ambulance service to the poor.
f. Free burial of dead bodies of the poor & destitute Muslims.
g. Financial help to the poor & destitute including Muktijoddhas.
h. Scholarship for higher education, funded by private Trust Funds.
4.A. Anjuman runs four Homes (Orphanages) including two in Dhaka city (One for boys and one for girls). There is a girls’ Home at Talla, Narayanganj. Another Home for girls is situated at Savar for Rana Plaza orphan girls. Free food, shelter, clothing and primary education are provided to these destitute children. Muslim children are given Islamic education, along side general education.
4.B. Depending on their proven potential and aptitude, Home resident children are selected for three levels of technical education. The least promising ones are given Trade related skills as per curriculum of Technical Education Board. The next higher level of students are selected for SSC vocational programme. Those who can benefit from Diploma level programme are selected for Diploma courses. Currently 23 boys and girls are pursuing Diploma level education fully funded by Anjuman at an annual cost of Tk.4,16,000/-.
5 . Awards recived by Anjuman-
 Islamic Foundation Award-1984
 Independence Day Award-1996
 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Primary nomination-2003
 Dr. Ibrahim Memorial Award-2004
 Rafiqul Islam Banking Award-2004
 Dhaka City Award-2005
 Nawab Sir Salimullah Award-2007
 Kazi Azahar Ali Gold medal-2012
 Mujib Bravery & Humanitarian Service Award-2013
 Dharitree Bangladesh Award-2014
6 . How to get the services of Anjuman-
Free or otherwise ?
Please call the Duty officer (available 24 hours a day and on all days of the week.)
Phone No : 9336611, 9346970, 7274435, 7272705, 7441660, 7440786 and ask for the services:
a. Ambulance Service.
b. Burial service (Dafon Sheba)
c. Any other Service.
Terms and conditions apply.
7 . Anjuman JR (Jamilur Rahman) Tower Project
Mr. Jamilur Rahman, an industrialist was the Vice President of Anjuman. He was the only son of Late Khan Bahadur Fazlur Rahman and Late Begum Azizunnesa Sufia Khatun. To commemorate the services of her son for the cause of Anjuman, late Begum Azzizunnessa Sufia Khatun donated in 1970 about 30 katha of valuable land at Kakrail, Dhaka. She mandated in her Gift Deed that Anjuman will utilize this property for the humanitarian services of Anjuman, serving the cause of religion (Islam) and establishing a college in the name of Jamilur Rahman. Once completed, Insha Allah by 2018, this commercial building will be a source of stable income for Anjuman. This building will house Head Office of Anjuman and the Jamilur Rahman Technical Institute. Anjuman is building a 15 storied commercial building with three basements on this piece of land. It is estimated that this building will cost about Tk.90 crore. This money will have to be raised through public donations and institutional (including GOB) grant;

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