Private Trust Funds

A donor can create a Trust Fund by donating a sum of at least 5. lac (Five lac) Taka at a time. This sum will be invested by Anjuman and every year 20% of the income will be added to the capital. The capital will thus continue to grow.

The remaining 80% of the income will be used by Anjuman for financing its humanitarian services. The donor will be informed every year about the fund position and use of the income. Ninety Three (93) Trust Funds have been created by donors so far. Number of Trust Funds is growing over the years as more and more donors are coming forward to create own personal Trust fund within the system of Anjuman. For creating a Trust Fund please call Tel no. 7191889 and ask for Deputy Director Accounts, Anjuman. One can also signify interest in this matter through email ( to Executive Director, Anjuman.

Draft Trust Fund Agreement Form. Click here for form:

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